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The direction of development of plastic profile industry

Number of visits: Date:2015-04-10

China's plastic doors and windows development is facing two historical development chance, one is the development of housing industry and the requirements of modern; the two is the development of building energy conservation, put forward higher requirements on the doors and windows of the building products and materials properties, there are a lot of hard work to do.The national economy continued to grow steadily for plastic doors and windows development to create a good environment, development of the construction industry provides a broad market for plastic doors and windows, plastic doors and windows to take the road of industrializationmust adapt to the development of the situation, to meet the country's economic construction,urban and rural construction and engineering requirements.

In the face of the huge domestic market demand, and to enhance the confidence of the requirements for building energy saving and steel profiles and sand washing machine operation,will promote the plastic profile market in the future occupy a more important role. But the surveyfrom the production enterprises, the building materials market, due to the current lack of rationalcontrol on the scale, resulting in a large number of manufacturers in the blind expansion,product homogeneity is more obvious under the situation of plastic window profiles, have also entered the ranks of the profit. Facing the upstream raw material prices and lower real estatesqueeze profits, although some small and medium-sized enterprise product quality technology and processing equipment are relatively complete, but the face of the status quo of survivalsituation is grim. In terms of model steel profile profile for use in the manufacture of equipment of enterprises are basically the same, leading to the tendency of product homogeneity is obviousbetween enterprises. The expert points out, the future development of plastic profile technologyshould be closely around the market differentiation strategy for different market needs, providing targeted products. Investigation shows that, more than 40% of consumers expressed concernwith the purchase of organic material and home decoration color.

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