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Plastic profile industry competition more and more will depend on the core technology

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Analysis report "shows the marketing demand and investment China plastic profile industry forecast prospective industry Research Institute released", the main products include: plasticprofile industry of plastic doors and windows, plastic pipes, plastic sheet, plastic waterproof coiled material and plastic profile. Among them, plastic profile, plastic pipe, plastic board and other products have formed a huge industrial chain of chemical building materials in Chinese,only the plastic profile has an annual production capacity of 2800000 tons, has entered the ranks of the country Chinese plastic.

At present, plastic building materials and other products have begun to develop structure,function direction from the internal decoration. Plastic floor, wall decoration sales maintained asteady growth, the polymer template construction, waterproof material, external support, the external wall insulation board, plastic reinforced brick has been used more and more widely, itsgrowth rate is more than the plastic pipe.

Is expected in the next 5-15 years, in various national building energy conservation policy,plastic building materials market is expected to be more rapid development. By 2015, Chinaconstruction plastic pipe and plastic doors and windows of the average market share will reach 50% and 30% respectively. The demand side, all kinds of construction of plastic pipe and plastic windows and doors plus polymer insulation waterproof materials, decoration materials, materialsand other plastic products used in construction, the total demand is expected to reach 10000000tons.

Prospective industry Research Institute of plastics profile industry researcher Liu Ximei said, the industry development is swift and violent, the continuous expansion of production capacity, the intensification of competition among enterprises of plastic profiles. In addition, the domestic market is gradually saturated, many enterprises began to look for development opportunities inthe international market profile. In the future, the competition among enterprises more plastic profile will depend on the level of enterprises to master the core technology, enterprises not onlyneed to continuously improve the level of products, but also to adapt to different national industry standards, access to relevant international certification or access permission.

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