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Analysis of the development status and Prospect of plastic profile industry in China

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, Liaoning Hongcheng plastic profile Co. company announcement, the company intends toissue short-term financing bonds 2012 second year, plans to issue 600000000 yuan. Theprospectus of the company. The plastic profile industry are analyzed.

(a) the development of international, domestic plastic door and window

Plastic doors and windows is the earliest in twentieth Century 50's first developed by the german.The successful development of Germany in 1955 Nopel Dynamit Nobel plastic window profiles,Hearst Hoechst, and developed PVC plastic window, through the efforts of 50 years and the level of product technology continues to improve, the European doors and windows industry development, plastic doors and windows can be in strict accordance with the regulations and industry standards for production and management, configuration and installation of the wholeprofile the system design and manufacturing, design, and manufacturing process window, until the hardware and other auxiliary parts, are more advanced and perfect. The total annual output of doors and windows of the European market is estimated up to 150000000 doors and windowsunit (Tang), take Germany as an example, in 2007 20000000 doors and windows doors and windows output unit (Tang).

European plastic doors and windows market average occupancy rate has reached 40%, of whichthe market share of over 53%, the British reached 59%, more than 40% of the french. North American plastic doors and windows market average occupancy rate has reached 45%, of whichAmerican northwest accounted for about 70%, America South market accounted for about 20%~ 25%, and the annual growth rate of 9%. In Central Asia, Eastern Europe and other countries,the development momentum is swift and violent plastic doors and windows.

China's plastic doors and windows industry is the last century 80's developed based on the introduction of foreign technology, equipment. In the late 90's, the country launched a series ofpolicy in the building material, to re regulate the industry development. The industry with a high starting point of imported equipment and technology, especially the use of formula system andEuropean quality standards, launched a suitable for China's national conditions and theconsumption characteristics of the plastic profile and door and window products. Plastic doors and windows industry gradually into the fast and healthy development of the road.

(two) present situation of plastic profile industry development in China

Plastic material is a kind of new environmental protection of chemical building materials, mainly used for building doors and windows, one of our focus on the development of building materials.In order to strengthen the coordination of the development of China chemical building materials,according to the instructions of the State Council, the Ministry of construction, by the thenMinistry of chemical industry, China Light Industry Association, the National Building Materials Bureau and Sinopec Corporation was founded in 1993, the national chemical building materialscoordination group, and in 1995 issued a "on the strengthening of a number of opinions" Chinachemical building materials production and marketing the application, develop stage ofdevelopment goals: to 2000 in PVC plastic doors and windows in the national average market share reached 15%, indicates that China officially started the promotion of plastic doors and windows.

In 1997 June, the state five ministries (Ministry of construction, Ministry of chemical industry, light industry association, the State Bureau of building materials, Petrochemical Corporation) jointly issued the "national chemical building materials to promote the application of the" Nine Five"plan and the 2010 development plan" requirements, the total amount of plastic doors and windows in 2000 to reach 30000000 square meters, of which the amount of application ofNortheast China the northwest and North China, plastic doors and windows of the heating areaaccounting for more than 50% of plastic doors and windows market, coastal areas using the ratio of less than 30%, corrosive environment of buildings to maximize the use of plastic doors and windows.

In 1999 October, the Ministry of Construction issued the "Regulations on the management of"civil building energy conservation, the requirements do not conform to the standard of energy saving projects, shall not approve the construction, the construction according to the design standard for energy efficiency, design, have the corresponding economic penalties.

In 2000, in the institutional reform after the re establishment of the national coordination group of chemical materials for construction and other departments jointly developed the "national chemical building materials industry" fifteen "plan and the 2010 development plan", and puts forward the outline of further requirements. By 2010, China's total 60000000 square meters of plastic doors and windows application, the application of plastic doors and windows market rate of more than 30%.

Along with the high speed, the rapid development of China's economy, China has established aresource-saving, environment-friendly society, in the "eleven five" plan clearly put forward theresource conservation as a basic national policy, requires that by 2010 energy consumption per unit of GDP than the "fifteen" period is reduced by about 20%, and the building as the keyindustry to carry out a pilot recycling economy. Ministry of construction and the State QualityInspection Administration jointly issued the "design standard for energy efficiency of public buildings", and since July 1, 2005 the formal implementation, marking the civil building energy conservation work in the field in full swing.

In 2006, the Ministry of Construction promulgated the "civil construction of energy-saving regulations" clearly, the State encourages the development of new energy saving wall and roofinsulation, thermal insulation and insulation technology and materials and energy-saving windows and doors and sealing technology. The introduction of these policies and implementation, greatly strengthened the efforts to promote the application of plastic materials,so that the rapid rise of plastic building materials industry has become a pillar industry of plastic.

From 2005 to 2007, China's real estate market is increasing year by year, plastic profile and door and window products market demand gradually strong, an annual increase of more than 13%. But because PVC resin prices high, timber prices can not sync up, in recent years most of the industry enterprises in the operating state of preservation. With the current market industry appeared excessive filling packing products, because of its low price, the market demand is hot,4 to 5 years there has been a large number of professional manufacturer of high - fill productsenterprises and workshops, its size by tens of thousands of tons to about 1500000 tons, a great impact on the normal market, damage product image and consumer interests.

The three quarter of 2008 to the first quarter of 2009, by the international economic crisis

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