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Facing the problem of plastic profile industry

Number of visits: Date:2015-04-10

Facing the problem of plastic profile industry, enterprises exist a lot of confusion.

One of the puzzles, some production profiles of the manufacturers have to face a loss situation,but still want to continue production, to continue to sacrifice profits, in order to maintain market share. Individual manufacturers from the beginning not according to national standards of production, production of fake and shoddy products, the market demand, but there is no loss.This phenomenon indicates that, on the one hand a lot of enterprise product quality, it is a lossfor sale; on the other hand, the low quality of enterprise products, but there is profit.

Perplexity two, production profiles of manufacturers and production of doors and windowsfactory, seemingly close to actual, serious gap. The result is: can not control the making doors and windows do profiles, doors and windows can not control the production profile. We can not help but ask, Shi Bushi profile manufacturers cannot produce good windows and doors? There are a few profiles manufacturers own processing window, and can make very good windows and doors. But not much material manufacturers own doors and windows processing, even using the"plastic doors & windows" integration of the manufacturers, not their own profiles into doors and windows. The situation be quite different, but the current situation of domestic market is so. Andthe developers have added fuel to the fire, and they are often the first to contract biddingsection, then the tender making doors and windows, the middle part of it, has its own relative independence, one can imagine the consequences of natural.

The emergence of quality problems, you push me, I push you, has could not say the reason.Seiko fine to do the windows and doors quality is good, but the cost is high, the unit does notaccept.

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