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To build the good faith management, fair competition market environment, strengthen the quality good faith system construction, to ensure product quality, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, promote construction of "power" quality, the company solemnly promise to society as a whole:

A, firmly establish the idea of "quality first", and constantly strengthen quality consciousness and the social responsibility consciousness, ensure and improve product quality, to carry out the enterprise quality of main body responsibility, to meet customer expectation and demand for high quality products, to enhance consumer confidence of customers.

Two, strictly abide by the "product quality standard", the standardization law, "measurement" and other laws and regulations, strict enforcement of product standards, counterfeiting, counterfeits, put an end to the false propaganda, resolutely resist counterfeit, fraud consumers faithless illegal behaviors, such as not infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of other companies.

Third, strengthen the full, whole process and comprehensive quality management, advanced quality management methods, measurement assurance system, the standardization system and perfect quality assurance system, strict raw materials, production process, product delivery and storage for the sale of the whole process of quality control.

Four, establish quality safety accident report system, strictly implement the quality and safety responsibility system, improve the product quality traceability system, timely solution to the quality of consumer complaints, conscientiously fulfill the quality of the product recall, "3 packets" product quality responsibilities and obligations.

This unit strictly fulfill the above commitments. If there is any violation, willing to bear the corresponding legal responsibility, accept the faithless illegal actions into bad credit record and publicly to the society.




Promise unit: liaoning Cheng Wei plastic material co., LTD

Legal representative: